Air Conditioning Industry

CostManager is a an established brand in the Air-Conditioning Industry. From CostManager’s inception in 1987, the software has been developed to assist contractors to improve their workflow and to increase productivity within their businesses.

CostManager has developed from the early days of printing jobs cards to the field workers to today’s modern technology, whereby with the assistance of a tablet all transactions can be done electronically removing the need for job cards. CostManager’s scheduler takes care of all your planning needs, keeping you up to date with your work load.

With the addition of the estimating package, CostManager is able to assist customers with the smallest project through to more complex jobs. Enabling customers to manage their projects from request for a quote right through to completion of the job handling variations and retentions along the way.

CostManager’s pricing has expanded greatly from the early days and now you have access to prices files from key Air Conditioning suppliers and it continues to grow. CostManager’s flexible pricing allows you to set your own sell prices, set your estimating prices or retail price as well.

CostManager’s stock control allows larger businesses to track and manage their inventory in multiple locations, from purchasing/receiving to stocktakes.

CostManager’s scheduled maintenance allows for you to plan out and schedule the work for the period of the contract. Ensuring you meet your contractual obligations.